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Thursday, August 11, 2011

GOP liveblog: Health care

8:50 pm: Pawlenty, want another crack at Obamneycare? Obama plan is same as Romney plan. Then likens Romney to Obama on other issues--spending, judicial selections.

8:51 pm: Romney responds...liked Pawlenty's answer last debate better. Draws distinction between his health care plan and Obama plan based on same states' rights argument he's been using in recent weeks.

8:52 pm: Romney, can gov't make a person buy a good or service? Romney says Massachusetts plan worked for Massachusetts. "Free riders" had to pay up.

8:54 pm: Bachmann, can either a state or the federal government force a person to buy health insurance? No. Will repeal Obamacare.

8:55 pm: Ron Paul, can a state make a person buy health care? Yes, under the Constitution, a state can, and the federal government will not intervene. Drug companies/corporations do well...patients and MDs suffer. Give people more control over care--medical savings accounts.

8:57 pm: Santorum says this is the 10th amendment run amok. Moral law should trump.

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