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Friday, October 05, 2012

Bi-Partisan Gamers Unite!

Some may be Republicans...some may be Democrats...but one thing CAN unite us.

Video gaming.

Republicans in Maine are attacking a Democrat over her character...I mean, her VIDEO GAME character in "World Of Warcraft."

Conservative humorist Frank J. comes to the defense of Colleen Lachowicz.

Does what we do in video games count against us for political office? Because I have done some terrible things in video games. I mean, in Ultima VII, I once went village to village slaughtering everyone just because I was bored. And I’ve done enough things in ten minutes of Grand Theft Auto to disqualify from like eighty elections. Of course, I’ve also killed like a billion Nazis and saved Hyrule a dozen times.

You THOUGHT this election was about the economy.  It's actually about Link and Big Bird.  

I watched Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" last night and thought it was too weird, even by Burton standards.  But you know what's weirder?

Real life.

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