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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney Is Winning, So Let's Call It A Tie

Democrats are very proud of their early voting efforts.  I've been somewhat skeptical, because it hasn't been proven that early Democratic voters wouldn't have voted otherwise.  An early voting program is only successful if you create a net gain of votes over what was expected.

But, the "conventional wisdom" says that Barack Obama won in some locations in 2008 because of his early voting efforts, which countered the fact that John McCain won among voters who waited until Election Day.

If this is the case, the President is in trouble in 2012:  Gallup polling says Mitt Romney is winning among those who have voted already and among those who plan to vote on Election Day.

So, naturally Politico reports a "draw" among Obama and Romney in the early voting.

Regardless of any attempts to refute the Romney momentum, stories about Romney closing in Pennsylvania and some other "blue" states clearly show his campaign in on a winning track.

And why?

Because voter enthusiasm for President Obama is down.  Obama supporters were supporting "hope and change" along with "Yes We Can" in 2008.  Now, they are asked to simply vote against the Republican.  That's what liberal columnist Richard Cohen will do--but he tries to analyze the lack of enthusiasm from the left this time:

Obama never espoused a cause bigger than his own political survival. This is the gravamen of the indictment from the left, particularly certain African Americans. They are right. Young black men fill the jails and the morgues, yet Obama says nothing. Bobby Kennedy showed his anger, his impatience, his stunned incredulity at the state of black America. Obama shows nothing.

An interesting point, as it is Obama supporters who have tried to portray Mitt Romney as out-of-touch and uncaring.

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