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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Voters Discern Between Style And Substance

When Mitt Romney won the first debate, Democrats countered that Romney had won on style, not substance.

After the second debate, Democrats find their candidate in the same position.

Flash polls by CBS and CNN determined that President Obama won the second debate.  But then there is this:

Despite Obama’s slight edge overall, Romney was seen as better able to handle most issues. 
The trend was most notable in the CNN poll: he had an 18-point edge among registered voters on the economy (58 percent to Obama's  40 percent ); a 3-point edge on health care (49 percent to 46 percent); a 7-point edge on taxes (51 percent to 44 percent); and, largest of all, a 23-point edge on the deficit (59 percent to 36 percent).
So, as long as voters don't choose a candidate based on the economy, health care, taxes, or the deficit, Obama is in good shape.  
Even undecided voters on MSNBC leaned (forward!) to Romney.
This means that voters are answering the question, "Who do you think WON the debate"  separately from the question of how they'll vote.  That's why the Romney folks aren't coming away from this debate dejectedly.

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