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Friday, November 09, 2012

A Simple Guide To The Election Results

Over the past few days, I've read about 5,000 posts from both Republicans and Democrats about the election results (give or take a thousand).  This handy post distills them for you.

Doug Sosnik, the Democratic political director in Bill Clinton's White House, wrote over a year ago that this race was comparable to Bush/ know, the one in which a rich guy from Massachusetts ran against an incumbent with tepid approval numbers.  Every summary that Sosnik has been writing has been amazingly accurate.

Then there is this chart, which breaks down how different demographic groups voted for Obama and Romney.  Notice that the candidates each won their targeted demographic group by LARGE margins.  If you look at that chart and read Sosnik's analysis, you'll understand why Republicans are talking outreach...because a Republican path to victory in the electoral college is just too small currently.

Some commentators think that "outreach" means "compromising party principles."  Absolutely not.   If the two parties are just going to copy each other, there would be no meaningful debate in this country.  But you can't concede the youth, urban, or Hispanic vote by these large margins.  And, no, reaching out to Hispanics does not mean amnesty.  It means going to that group..or any other...and talking to them about how the party principles are relevant to improving their quality of life.

Finally, there's this article which indicates that the next generation of political operatives are ready to lead campaigns.

I was watching Fox News when Karl Rove melted down over the Ohio results.  At that moment, Karl realized that his assumptions about the modern electorate were wrong and outdated.

You don't ask "Flock Of Seagulls" to comment on the music of Lady Gaga.  Rove was a political rock star in the last decade.

Looking head to 2014, Republicans need to realize that the Barack Obama of November 5th is STILL the Barack Obama of November 7th--he's a guy who has no idea how to fix the economy.   There's a point when he will have to own this economy...but for 2012, voters cut him some slack and decided to continue to blame George Bush.  

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