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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

And fingers are pointing at:

The GOP base.  As they should.  Driven by their hatred of the President and their refusal to admit that their far-right issues aren't resonating with moderates in their own party or with the rest of the electorate, the base forced candidate Romney to tack right and further right and even a bit more right, leaving him looking unprincipled and confused about his own positions when he had to try to talk with "regular voters."  He harmed himself in many ways, too, but this cannot be discounted.  From Thomas Friedman's piece in the NY Times this morning: 
The G.O.P. has lost two presidential elections in a row because it forced its candidate to run so far to the loony right to get through the primaries, dominated by its ultraconservative base, that he could not get close enough back to the center to carry the national election. It is not enough for Republicans to tell their Democratic colleagues in private — as some do — “I wish I could help you, but our base is crazy.” They need to have their own reformation. The center-right has got to have it out with the far-right, or it is going to be a minority party for a long time.
And the GOP base, by demanding ideological purity at the cost of electability (or even, in some cases, sanity: Akin, Mourdock), doomed efforts to retake the United States Senate.

This should have been a better year for the Republican Party.  I admit that.  The "base" (dwindling though it may be, these are the people who consistently show up and do the party work) and the "tea party" are to blame.

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