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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Tip Of The Cap To Democrats

I am a huge baseball fan.   There are a lot of life lessons that can be learned within the game.

For example, when a team loses, a player or manager will often "tip their cap" to the other team.  It is a simple acknowledgment of a simple fact:  the opponent simply outplayed your team.

This has been a hard fact for Republicans to swallow following the last election.  I've posted before that the Democratic assumptions about the race were entirely accurate and many of the themes and techniques that brought mockery from the GOP were successful for the Democrats.

I recall a pundit once saying, "every election has a lesson.  The key is to learn the right one."

I thought about that today when reading comments from Bobby Jindal and Ari Fleischer.  The quotes, combined, offer some pretty good wisdom:  Jindal says the GOP needs to stop being obsessed with "government bookkeeping" while Fleischer says Democrats are better when it comes to "talking about people."

It seems that Mitt Romney is not the only person who has had trouble relating to the working class.

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