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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bipartisanship? Not Gonna Happen

I was talking to a long-time Democratic insider over the weekend about what he expected from the Iowa Legislature this year.

We discussed, specifically, the education debate.  Republican Governor Terry Branstad says he won't talk education funding until reforms are enacted.  Democratic legislators will push for money first to give schools needed budget stability before talking reforms.

In the end, they'll meet in the middle.

Voters instinctively understand that this is NOT how Washington operates and they are right.   The goal in Washington is total victory over the other party.

A top Obama aide says the President will spend the next year attempting to split the Republican party in order to win the House in 2014.

If that's the approach, Charles Krauthammer argues that the Republican House should pass bills and make demands meant to give the GOP the advantage in 2014.

The political activist in me likes this approach for the Republicans:  if Democrats want to campaign on higher taxes and gun control next year, be my guest.

But citizen-me wishes they'd do something about the economy.

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