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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rob Portman, Gay Marriage, And Gun Control

How's THAT for attention-grabbing blog titles?

Many readers know that I lead a group called "Iowa Republicans For Freedom," which advocates that conservatives support the freedom to marry for same-gender couples.  I don't blog about it much because, frankly, I don't want people to believe that I use this blog to advocate for ONE issue that is important to me.

But, with Ohio Senator Rob Portman's announcement that he has changed his mind and now supports gay marriage, I wanted to link to this intriguing column and chart by Chris Cillizza in which he correctly says that gay marriage has become for Republicans what gun control has become for Democrats.

I've been to many a meeting where an activist will warn about "abandoning the base."  But many of these meetings contain people who know how elections are won or lost.  And when your party base is demanding that you lead with an issue opposed by large numbers of independents, persuadable Democrats, and young people--you are losing the battle AND the war.

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