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Friday, April 26, 2013

Who Wants To Be Nominated For The Death Panel?

We like to label and demonize our ideological opponents in the bloodsport known as "politics."  Political activists seem especially predisposed to use the "dumb" label against a specific candidate or political figure.

So when "dumb" Sarah Palin talked about death panels, there was a monumental effort to label such talk as...yes...dumb...or even dumb AND crazy.

Except a death panel does exist.  It's called the Independent Payment Advisory Board and President Obama is yet to nominate anyone to it.  The board is to determine which cost-effective treatments will be covered by the government.  In other words:  if you're old, no transplant for you!

I'm guessing that the delay is occurring because the administration can't figure out how to prevent the nomination process from inspiring a national conversation about death panels.  But don't worry, the head of Health And Human Services can make these determinations alone if there are no nominees.   And we all trust  Kathleen Sebelius to make our medical decisions for us, don't we?

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