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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Married Couple Stabs Each Other Over American Idol

People who meet Tara and I often ask how our marriage works, given our opposing views regarding politics and theology.  My new answer will be, "We discuss religion and politics and avoid American Idol."  Police in York, Pennsylvania report that a couple stabbed each other during an argument over who should win "Idol."

Tara and I don't watch "Idol," and I guess that decision is turning out to be the safe choice for our relationship.  Or, perhaps, people shouldn't mix alcohol and reality television?

Both of us prefer "The Voice."  The judges are funnier and often have affectionate interactions, while the show is overwhelmingly positive.  Contrast that to "Idol," where it's been rumored that none of this season's judges will be asked to return.

Plus I get to stare at Shakira unashamedly because Tara is distracted by Adam Levine.

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